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We're baaaaa-ack! Your friendly mods [profile] lady_krysis, [personal profile] maharetr, and [personal profile] kate are... well, busy as always, but also super excited to host another big bang for 2015!

So put your thinking caps on for creative bangs and gather all your ridiculously enthusiastic (or naggy) friends for cheerleaders so we can get as many diverse and interesting fanworks as possible for this thing! We want the Losers photo-story that's done with cats, a Losers family crest, and a Losers cupcake recipe book! We want the companion track for your favorite scene in the movie, origami of the comics, and a rec set of the best Losers fanworks of all time!

Join us for outrageous fun and unbounded creativity! This is the fandom that has a Losers board game, Losers poetry, a Losers tarot deck, and lots of Losers knitting! Whatever it is you do, apply it to The Losers and let's do this thing!

The General Idea

We at Ante Up are hosting a Losers Big Bang — with a twist.

This big bang is not fic only. Anyone can create any large piece and submit it as a bang work.

You heard us. Any type of work can be a big bang. Art, podfic, rec sets, meta, picspams — the list goes on and on. If you can think it up, you can do it in a big bang way! Size limits for the media we could think of are included under the next cut, but if we didn't mention a type of fanwork you'd like to make as a big bang, please Contact A Mod and we can discuss size and submission requirements.

In addition, we want all the big bangs to have rewards for their work, so there will be complementary pieces as well. Complements may also be any sort of fanwork. From fic to poetry to meta to comics to podfic to graphics and anything else you can think of. Again, if we haven't mentioned a type of fanwork you'd like to make as a complement, please Contact A Mod and we can discuss size and submission requirements.

Finally, to round out the teams, we are recruiting enthusiasm experts. If you enjoy being a Beta, a cheerleader, a whipcracker, an Alpha or any other type of random squee generator, efficiency expert, or general helper, we want you to join in the fun and help our teams get all those glorious fanworks completed!

Rules and Timeline )

Questions? Comments? Railing against the unfairness of it all? Comment below, or as always... Contact A Mod.Please comment in any format you feel comfortable.


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