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Rules and Timeline | Party post | Signups | Opt-in post for remixing | Contact a mod

If you love the losers and want to get your friends to play, please consider posting the banner around town! We would love to have old and new Losers fans and see as many new fanworks and types of fanworks as possible! There's already talk of knitting complements and a tarot deck big bang on the comment party post. Jump in the fun and encourage your flist/dwircle/tumblr peeps to pop in too!

[admin post] Admin Post: Hey Losers - it's time!

Dec. 3rd, 2013 10:47 pm
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Sign ups for 2014 Ante Up Losers Fanwork Exchange are open! Please see below for the endgame (including size requirements (heh)), deadlines, and FAQ.


And we'd love it if you'd spread the word! Please feel free to take the banner and links below and advertise anywhere you like!

sign-ups | deadlines | size requirements for fanworks | rules | FAQ
opt-in post for remixing/tranformative works | pinch hitter sign ups | contact a mod

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Banner by [personal profile] lady_krysis
Rules and FAQ | Sign ups at the AO3 | Need an AO3 or DW invite | Pinch hitters | Beta services post | Contact a mod

Signups for 2013 Ante Up Losers challenge are open! And this year, we're opening it up to ALL fanworks! If you can make it, you can give it as a gift to someone in the exchange.

The banner above links to the Rules and FAQ post, and all other relevant posts are linked below the banner.

IMPORTANT: We've shortened the sign-up time period this year. You have until Wednesday, October 24 to sign up for the exchange, so there's only one more week left!

If you want to help us advertise far and wide, snag one of the snazzy banners below the cut. Pick your banner, copy what's in the text box, and share it on Dreamwidth and/or Livejournal.

The Big Banner )

The Small Banner )
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ante up losers big bang banner
Rules/Fanwork Size Requirements | Deadlines | Opt-In Post | Contact A Mod

This is the place for teams of folks to meet up and get together to create lots of awesome Losers fanworks!

A few rules before we get started:

1. Please take a look at the rules, particularly the size requirements for bang-sized fanworks. If you have any questions, please comment over there or Contact A Mod.

2. Please use the subject lines. Put as much or as little information you have about your team, complement offering, or bang-sized work. Examples:
--Comics Bang: Artist looking for an author, dark and gory. Would like fanmix or graphics complements.
--Knitting Complements: 1-2 items for up to two bang-sized fanworks
--Fic Bang: Crack AU where the Losers are all snowmen, looking for wacky complements
--Podfic Complement: Willing to do a podfic complement for a bang; either a section of a fic bang or a related story to some other type of fanwork.
--Fanmix Bang: set of six albums for all the main characters based on individual arcs, want an art complement (covers).
--Haiku Complements: Offering sets of haiku complements to up to four art bangs.
--Art Bang: several panels featuring Jensen base jumping and Cougar watching through his scope. Any complement(s) or additional bang(s) would be great.
--Meta Bang: want to write a bang-sized meta but need help brainstorming in the comments
--Team Rock and Roll: 2 bangs and 3 complements on a rock band AU; willing to take on more fanworks of either size.
--Unknown: Want to create an unusual bang in tandem with one or more complement creators. (Include more details about what you might want to do in the comment itself).
--Unknown: Looking for a team to do pirates vs. ninjas in many formats.
--Plot bunny up for grabs: Losers as a professional baseball team (feel free to drop prompts or plot bunnies for others to pick up, but please make it obvious in the subject line you do not intend to do the fanwork yourself)

3. Items to address in your top-level comment:
--Type and size of fanwork you're creating (if you know)
--Type(s) of and size(s) of fanworks you're looking for (if you have a preference)
--Subject matter, genre, general idea, other details about your fanwork (if you know)
--What kind of team you're looking for: hands-off, cheerleading, interactive...
--Anything else you feel like including!

4. Cheerleading is a great thing - just a 'yay' or 'awesome idea' is a great boost to getting a big fanwork like this done. Feel free to cheer on individuals or teams or throw out ideas for other folks to take hold of.

5. This post is not any sort of official commitment to create a complement or big-bang-sized fanwork. It's an opportunity to generate ideas with fellow fans, collaborate, and have fun. Official sign ups will be May 8-15.

6. Have a great time! *turns on the disco ball*
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Okay, folks, we are getting close to reveals! I hope you are as excited as I am to read all that beautiful fic!

However, we’re seeing a fair number of last minute beta requests, and a bunch of folks are still tweaking their stories and would like a little more time, so we’ve made a modly decision to delay the reveal just a tiiiiiiiiny bit. We’re going to give you until Saturday morning (approximately 10am EST) to make sure your story is exactly as you want it.

If you’re freaking out a bit about getting done, feel free to Contact A Mod or leave a comment here – comments will be screened this time around. We understand there’s been a lot going on this January, so a little freaking out is not unwelcome, and we'll do our best to accommodate everyone's need for time, or hugs, or cheerleading.

If you are either looking for a beta or willing to do some last-minute betaing, please go to our beta services post. If you have offered to beta before, we have screened your comment for the new year's fest, and you must comment to let us know you’re available this year.

And while you’re waiting, won’t you consider writing a little treat? The Ante Up: The Losers Fic Scramble 2012 is open and accepting treats for all participants. There’s no size limit, so drabbles and shorts are more than welcome! Letters are linked in this post as well as in the table of sign-ups. Anyone can write treats, even those not participating in the fest, so spread the word! Maybe some of your flist or dwircle will write you surprise treats if you link them to your letter. :D

Banner and text box to post on your own journal (if you like) under here. )
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Also - you can edit your sign-up! (If you thought of other things you want, or don't want, or want to include a bit more info for your writer (pretty please!).)

SO! If you haven't put a link to your Dear Writer letter in your sign-up, please do! You can put a placeholder post on LJ or DW, fill it in between now and when assignments go out, and include the link in your sign-up. Please, please, pleeeeease write a letter. Not only will this help your writer, it will get you more stories! People who write interesting letters and good prompts get more stories in the Fic Scramble (which is what we do to wile away the hours between the deadline and the collection going live). I beg you, please be kind to your writer and put up a letter. And then go edit your signup to include the link! :D

Also - if you signed up for Everyone/Everyone as your pairing and didn't choose anything else, you will be impossible for the auto-matcher to match, sadly. I have seen the error of my ways and will include the 'any' tickyboxes next year, but I didn't know about them this year, sadly. So! If you are willing to write anyone/anyone, I beg you to edit your signup and include all the pairings. The same is true if you chose only Ensemble in the characters (though that's less problematic as lots of folks have picked that tag). I know it's lots of ticky boxes, but the matching program will work much better that way.

If you have a particular request that you didn't want to include on the sign-up form (I love a challenge - give me that tough-to-match request or I'm good with little to no direction - just a pairing? That's good for me! or I prefer not to have so-and-so as we're best mates and write for each other all the time), please comment in reply to this post, and I will do my best to match you with a request for your particular needs.

Also, if you're interested in advertising (more folks signing up = more Losers stories for everyone!), please see the banners below.

The big one )

The small one )


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