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Hey Losers, it's time! Don't forget to look at the rules/timelines before you sign up.

Complementers! Cheerleaders! You're up!

If you want to join a team, please reply to the bang comment, changing the subject line to whatever your role will be, for example:

Complement: knitted arm-warmers
Additional bang: podfic of bang story
Research monkey
Wordcount Spreadsheet Guru
Rewatch Party Organizer

...or any combination of the above. If you want to ask the bang creator/s questions, check any number of details, or syncronize watches, please join the bang's thread on the comment party post.

This sign-up post is so your easily-befuddled mods can keep track of who is doing what, and it's also for you, so if you've found additional cheerleading energy, want to try an out-there complement, or want to offer your betaing skills, you can see at a glance where they'd best fit.

Complement and cheerleading etc sign ups are open until Saturday May 25.
As always, if you have any questions, requests for time-turners, etc, you're welcome to contact a mod.

For these sign-ups, (one of) the bang creator(s) should sign up with a top-level comment, following the guidelines below. If the teams have more than one bang, the second (and third, and fourteenth) bang creator should sign up in reply to the top level comment so the whole team remains in a single thread.

We're asking that ONLY BANG CREATORS SIGN UP RIGHT NOW so that we can get a look at how many teams we will have and allow people to make sure they can participate at a level they're comfortable with. Complement sign-ups will happen from May 18.

If you want to ask about a team or hash out more details please do it at the party post. Please don’t try to sign up for complements yet. Last year, we did all signups at the same time; this year, we are separating them to give complement creators a chance to see the entire list of bangs before making a commitment. This will also help the mods make sure everyone has a full team even if they missed the bulk of the comment party and don't know anyone in the fandom yet. (If you get excited and accidentally sign up early, don't worry: we will delete that comment for you, and you can re-post once complement signups are open.)

When posting your bang as a top-level comment, please do the following:

1. Put the team name in the subject line.

2. Include the following information in the body:
-- A brief description of the type of bang (macaroni castle, digital art of Aisha skydiving, post-apocalyptic Clay/Roque fic).
-- Link to your party post thread, if there is further information over there.
-- A note about whether you are okay with people jumping on board with complements, or if you would prefer they go to the party post to discuss first.
-- Plans for team organizations/activities/schedule, if you know it.

We will make sure every bang has a complement - so if you didn't have an offer over on the comment party sign-up, you can still sign up here. We will make it work!

Bang sign-ups will remain open until Saturday May 18. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a mod.


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