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Hi folks!

I'm sorry for not posting this sooner, but [profile] lady_krysis and I are having RL time crunch issues and we don't feel like we would be able to do the big bang justice this year.

We don't want to shut down the fun, though, so if there is a person or a group of people interested in taking over the reins of the big bang, we will happily grant you temporary mod status and help you with the AO3 collection creation, signup templates, and whatever else we have lying around. We have already had one person who would be willing to shoulder part of the burden - comment here (or at the Contact a Mod post if you want it to be screened) if you might be interested in getting the big bang off the ground.

Never fear - we will be back for the exchange in the fall, and that's a promise you can bank on. In the meantime, let's see that Losers spirit and see if we can get the big bang on its feet!



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