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We're baaaaa-ack! Your friendly mods [profile] lady_krysis, [personal profile] maharetr, and [personal profile] kate are... well, getting over colds and busy with work, but also super-excited to host another big bang for 2014!

So, put your thinking caps on for creative bangs and gather all your ridiculously enthusiastic (or naggy) friends for cheerleaders so we can get as many diverse and interesting fanworks as possible for this thing! We want the Losers photostory that's done with cats, a Losers family crest, and a Losers cupcake recipe book! We want the companion track for your favorite scene in the movie, origami of the comics, and a rec set of the best Losers fanworks of all time!

Join us for outrageous fun and unbounded creativity! This is the fandom that has a Losers board game, Losers poetry, and lots of Losers knitting! Whatever it is you do, apply it to The Losers, and let's do this thing!

The General Idea

We at Ante Up are hosting a Losers Big Bang — with a twist.

This big bang is not fic only. Anyone can create any large piece and submit it as a bang work.

You heard us. Any type of work can be a big bang. Art, podfic, rec sets, meta, picspams — the list goes on and on. If you can think it up, you can do it in a big bang way! Size limits for the media we could think of are included under the next cut, but if we didn't mention a type of fanwork you'd like to make as a big bang, please Contact A Mod and we can discuss size and submission requirements.

In addition - we want all the big bangs to have rewards for their work, so there will be complementary pieces as well. Complements may also be any sort of fanwork. From fic to poetry to meta to comics to podfic to graphics and anything else you can think of. Again, if we haven't mentioned a type of fanwork you'd like to make as a complement, please Contact A Mod and we can discuss size and submission requirements.

Finally, to round out the teams, we are recruiting enthusiasm experts. If you enjoy being a Beta, a cheerleader, a whipcracker, an Alpha or any other type of random squee generator, efficiency expert, or general helper, we want you to join in the fun and help our teams get all those glorious fanworks completed!


Players must form teams to guarantee everyone who creates a bang gets at least one complement.

A team is a minimum of two and there is no maximum. As long as there is a bang piece and a complementary piece, your team is set. You can have as many bang and complement creators as you want in a team, and each person can create as many fanworks of either size as they like - they can also be on as many teams as they like. There can also be an unlimited number of cheerleaders, whipcrackers, time management specialists, gif-senders, caterers, Alphas, Betas, Gamma rays and any other type of encouragers on any given team. Whether the thing you want to contribute to a team is your knowledge of fire hydrants, your time management skills, your impeccable knowledge of the Oxford comma, your ability to nag people into completing their works, your willingness to break into song over any progress whatsoever, or your overwhelming enthusiasm, you are welcome here.

Each team will decide how it works on its own. If the team decides the bang creators will create first and then the complement creators will do their thing, that's fine. If the team wants to work in tandem, all members working at the same time on a related theme or idea, that's fine. If the team wants to go halfsies, that's fine. How much interaction and teamwork is decided by the team as well, but there will be weekly check-ins to see how everyone is doing.

We ask that you name your team. This is for check-ins. It's the easiest way to make sure everyone involved is covered, and so we can take care of pinch hitters as necessary. As ever - if you need to drop out for any reason, please don't feel guilty (real life happens to all of us), but do please Contact A Mod as soon as possible so we can arrange for a pinch hit if necessary.

We also ask, if you're not on Dreamwidth much or don't have [community profile] ante_up_losers on your reading page, that you put an email reminder notice on the 2014 big bang: check-in tag (or better yet, the 2014 big bang tag!). Click on the little bell icon at the bottom of the post to do this.

Examples of possible teams:

Example #1 Person One wants to create a macaroni sculpture. They will put up a comment at the comment party and then Person Two strolls along and sees it and decides 'hey, awesome, I want to write a Regency AU' and signs up to write a bang-sized fic on Person One's team. Then Person Three comes along, sees this, and decides to do some photoshop magic as a complement to these bangs. Then Person Four, unable to resist the call of the macaroni sculpture, signs up to make a complementary fanmix. Meanwhile, a gaggle of excited fanpersons sign on to be cheerleaders and Alpha listeners for the fanmix.

Example #2 Four friends form a team - and two of them are creating bang-sized works (Pat doing meta on the Losers and their guns and Sam doing shadow puppetry of the Losers and their guns) and two of them are creating complements (Angel doing a Losers/gun picspam for the meta on guns and Chris creating background music for the shadow puppetry). Another group of four friends who are able to do color-coded spreadsheets sign up as time management experts and whipcrackers.

Example #3 The bang creator decides to remix a drabble into a 10,000 word epic and the complement creator writes a second story based on the remix... or the original... OR does a remix of a related story. An Alpha signs up to read both stories as they're being written and a fourth person signs up to send free e-cards weekly for check-ins.

Example #4 An artist signs up to do a bang-sized series of black and white pieces and another artist joins the team as a bang-sized colorist for the pieces. Then a poet signs on to write a complementary poem and a reccer joins the team to write a complementary art recs set. Finally Fred and George Weasley sign on to send love potions by owl mail and Ginny signs on as Mother Hen to make sure no one gets hurt.

There are a zillion more examples! Teams start with two people - one doing a bang and one doing a complement - but they can then add as many other folks doing bang or complement-sized works or performing various other functions (cheerleading, whipcracking, Alphas and Betas and maybe a Theta or two) to the team as they like. If you need any more examples/clarifications, have questions about teams, comment away below or Contact A Mod.

Size Requirements:

We went with the below size requirements because we’d like the same amount of time, love, and attention to be put into all types of big bang works. If you feel any of the minimums are unreasonable, please comment below or Contact A Mod to discuss.

Basically - we trust you guys. We know you want lots and lots of big, awesome fanworks for our fandom, so no one out there is going to be just "trying to get by." Besides! If you don't feel like you can commit to a bang-sized work, you can always create a complement. You can write complementary fics for art or vids or podfics! (Imagine - four writers write 2,500 word fics for a bang podficcer, who reads the four works as the bang!) You can create a short vid as a complement to a poem! There are a million possibilities! We want you to be creative and wonderful as always, but we want the "bang" to mean something - time and effort put into creating something a little bigger - something for the audience to sink their teeth into, you know?

Table of size requirements:
Type of Fanwork Bang Size Complement Size Notes
2D Art 1 large complete piece with detail and/or layers, 1 set of several pieces with less detail/layers or several pages of sketches/doodles. 1 small to medium complete piece or a set of sketches or a full page of doodles. 2D art includes but is not limited to: hand-drawn art whether on paper/canvas or computer, hand-painted art whether on paper/canvas or computer, photoshopped pieces, photography, collages, greeting cards, font creation, and anything else created for the Losers fandom in two dimensions (or sort of two dimensions). For hand-created pieces, a scan or photograph is the submission method.
3D Art 4 separate projects of medium complexity or 1 project of extreme complexity 1 project of medium complexity. 3D art includes but is not limited to: pottery, fiber arts, chain mail, jewelrymaking, metalworking, woodworking, soap bubble sculptures, macaroni castles, and anything created for the Losers fandom in three dimensions. Submission as photographs (and instructions if you are willing to share).
Graphics other than those listed below 8 pieces 2 pieces Graphics are not NOT art - they are simply digital media created to specific sizes for a specific purpose (icons, banners, wallpapers, etc.) These are included under the art category.
Icons 80 icons 20 icons .
Wallpapers 8 wallpapers 2 wallpapers .
Original Music 6 minutes of recorded music or 1 large scored piece or several pages of musical motifs/themes 1.5 minutes of recorded music or 1 medium/2 small scored pieces or a page of musical motifs/themes For musical compositions, an audio file of recorded music or pdf of the score/musical motifs/themes are the submission methods
Banners 8 Banners 2 Banners .
Fic 10,000 words 2500 words .
Podfic 10,000 words OR 1 hr of recorded time 2500 words OR 15 minutes of recorded time .
Vid 6 minutes total (may be more than 1 vid) 1.5 minutes total (may be more than 1 vid) .
Rec Set 32 recs 8 recs .
Coloring 8 sketches, 4 medium complex pieces, 1 extremely complex piece 2 sketches, 1 medium complex piece .
Poetry 40 lines 10 lines .
Drabbles 20 drabbles 5 drabbles .
Fanmix 80 songs 20 songs .
Remix (Fic) 10,000 wds (remixed story may be of any size) 2500 wds (remixed story may be of any size) Check out our opt-in post here!
Remix (Art) 1 large complete piece with detail and/or layers 1 set of several pieces with less detail/layers or several pages of sketches/doodles (original art may be any size). 1 small to medium complete piece or a set of sketches or a full page of doodles *original art may be any size). Check out our opt-in post here!
Remix (Other) See requirements for type of fanwork. See requirements for type of fanwork. .
Meta 4000 words 1000 words .
Picspam 80 pictures 20 pictures .
Screencaps 800 screencaps 200 screencaps .
Comics 8 pages or 16 panels 2 pages or 4 panels .
Photostory (Break out your action figures, or bribe your Losers-lookalike friends!) 20 images/frames 5 images/frames .
Macaroni* Sculpture (*can include a variety of pasta types.) 28 oz/800g pasta 7.25 oz/200g pasta .

Submission and hosting:

All entries must be posted on the AO3. Whatever type of file you have, it must be posted on the AO3 so it can be linked to the complement works. If you have hosting for your file, great. If not, we will host your art/visual file/video file/audio file. We will also give you the code to post streaming, if you would like to do that. More information on posting will be given as we get closer to the deadline for bang works.

Any non-digital work must be scanned, photographed, or otherwise turned into a digital format. If you have any questions on this, please Contact A Mod.
Deadlines and Timing:

Comment party to toss out ideas, offer skills, see what’s on offer, and get excited: Starts April 14, 2014
Official Bang sign ups: April 18-22, 2014
Official Complement and Cheerleader sign ups: April 23-27, 2014
First check-in: April 28, 2014
Subsequent check-ins: Weekly
Big bang fanwork drafts should be posted to the AO3 no later than: August 4, 2014
Scramble opens for fanworks smaller than complement size: August 4, 2014
Complementary fanworks should be posted to the AO3, and all fanworks should be complete, no later than: August 28, 2014
All fanworks go live!: August 29, 2014

Questions? Comments? Railing against the unfairness of it all? Comment below, or as always... Contact A Mod.Please comment in any format you feel comfortable.

Date: 2014-04-21 05:16 pm (UTC)
omens: sun shining through leaves (Default)
From: [personal profile] omens
OK I lolled so hard at the pasta req's. Crying. Oh, Ante Up; never change!

Date: 2014-04-21 05:44 pm (UTC)
omens: sun shining through leaves (Default)
From: [personal profile] omens
SOMEDAY! Don't let the dream die!

Date: 2014-04-22 03:41 pm (UTC)
maharetr: Comic and movie images of Aisha's eyebrow ring (The Losers) (Default)
From: [personal profile] maharetr

Ahahahaha! Firstly, welcome back! It's so freaking awesome to see you for another round!

Secondly, ... I think it was me that argued for the pasta clause. About half way through my paragrah on the importance of fettucine because structural support I had one of those giggle fits that were like: "This is my life now. This is my life now and I love it."

Date: 2014-04-23 03:58 pm (UTC)
omens: sun shining through leaves (Default)
From: [personal profile] omens
YAY! I'm glad you guys are running this again! :DDD

Bahahahhaha, what's not to love? Just imagine what you could do with those cannelloni noodles! :-O


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