Feb. 7th, 2011

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Author reveals are up - you can feel free to claim your stories and post them on your journals or put up notification posts in comms or do whatever you want with them.

This is an amazing collection of stories - 24 assigned stories (massive thanks that only two pinch hits were necessary and even more massive thanks to [personal profile] storm_petrel and [personal profile] lily_gish for writing the pinch hits) and 26 scramble stories for a total of 50 stories in the fest. Way to go, Losers!

A final note about the scramble - we're going to leave it open, so if you'd like to put up any stories you worked on for the fest or in response to anyone's prompts, feel free. If you defaulted and want to post the story you were working on when you finish, please do! More stories is always better.

You have all made this fic exchange a true delight to run, and many thanks to co-mods [profile] lady_krysis and [personal profile] healingmirth who are just awesome folks and have been so helpful in keeping things under control. We're already thinking of doing this again.

I'll put up a dead dog poll and masterlist tomorrow, but for tonight, now that I've finished reading and left feedback on all the wonderful stories, it's bedtime. Thank you again, everyone, this was an amazing success!
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The list is alphabetized by pairing and then by author. Thank you so much to all of our participants! You guys made this fic exchange AWESOME.

The Losers Fic Exchange 2011 Master List )
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Fics are alphabetized by pairing and then by author.

The Scramble will remain open, and the list below will be updated as more stories are added to the collection. Thank you all so much for writing so many lovely treats for our participants!

Fic Scramble 2011 Master List )
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Thank you, everyone for making this fest a smashing success! We'd like to see how it went for you, to see if we need to make tweaks to the timing or format (or anything else) for next time. The poll is anonymous - no one (not even the mods) can see who ticked (or typed) what, so please give us your honest opinion. Comments are open and anon commenting on, so feel free to expand on your answers, or give us feedback that way. If you want to do it privately, you can email or PM the mods ([personal profile] kate, [profile] lady_krysis, and [personal profile] healingmirth). We'd love to hear from you.

Long poll is long. )


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